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Hello All! The warmest of welcomes from our family here at Blake The Butcher. We have made it our mission to reach every single person out there who has held out hope for high quality at a reasonable price in our industry. We are your neighborhood, family-owned, old world butcher shop, with one exception: we are right at your fingertips. You tell us exactly what you want, how you want it cut, and where and when you want it delivered. We will do our very best to uphold the highest of customer service standards; those which will define our family as we stay a part of your lives for years to come.

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Harry Heller

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Martin Heller

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Blake Heller

What our family is trying to do is bring into focus the true value and quality that exists on the modern market. This, while greatly distinguishing our selection from what you're used to seeing out there. We will sell you the only thing that combines quality and value for your dollar. We are here to revive the best parts of the old world, and fuse it with the positive advances in the new one. Join us, where old meets new, and the advantage to you cannot be duplicated!

Serving the Tri-State Area!"

"Over 50 Years of Combined Experience 

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